The Dangers of a Cluttered Home & Having Too Much Stuff

Back To Articles Occupants in extremely cluttered homes have difficulty being able to function on a daily basis
Individuals with cluttered homes are at greater risk in the event of emergencies. Accumulated possessions serve as additional fuel for fire, and piles of things can block pathways for residents and rescue personnel alike.

Though less noted, material possessions are part of the American dream.  After all, once you’ve bought that little house with the white, picket fence, you immediately begin to fill it with decorations, furniture, and unique collections.  And once you’ve outgrown that starter home, you buy an even bigger house to accommodate… more possessions.

While the accumulation of “stuff” doesn’t seem like it could hurt anyone, too much clutter can actually prove hazardous.  For instance, the homeowner (or someone visiting him or her) could trip over items that have collected in walkways.  Or, in those extreme cases where there is no further space to store possessions, clutter can prevent the homeowner from being able to prepare meals, sleep, and function on a daily basis.

Individuals with cluttered homes are also at a greater risk in the event of a disaster.  In a fire, for example, accumulated possessions can serve as additional fuel, and piles of things can block walkways, entrances, and exits.  That said, should a fire ever break-out in a cluttered home, it can be extremely dangerous for the resident and any rescue personnel. 

While the minimalism trend isn’t for everyone, you can still keep your possessions in check by tracking your belongings in a Household Inventory Checklist.  Not only will this simple record serve as a reminder of what you already have, and perhaps even prevent future impulse buys, but it will also prove invaluable to you during the insurance claims process should an unfortunate event (such as a flood or fire) ever cause you to lose or need to replace the contents of your home.

At Preferred Mutual Insurance Company, we believe that a healthy balance in all things, including your “stuff”, is the best way to live assured.

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