Fall Homeowner's Checklist

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While you can’t predict the severity of the winter season, you can protect your home from preventable insurance claims. At Preferred Mutual, we believe that preparation is vital to living assured.

No matter how much we wanted those warm, summer days to stay, there’s no denying that fall is here and winter is not far behind.  So before those temperatures that make you want to stay indoors arrive, be sure that you’ve checked the following tasks off your fall home maintenance to-do list:

Fall Homeowner's Checklist

  • Property inspected.  The landscape is clear of uneven areas that could pose a hazard once covered in snow, and all natural water flow is directed away from the house’s foundation.
  • Trees trimmed.  Any trees or branches that could prove dangerous during a windy, or heavy winter storm have been removed.
  • Summer equipment stored.  All water hoses have been drained, the external water supply has been shut-off, and all lawn equipment has been winterized. 
  • Roof gutters cleaned.  Gutters have been cleared of all debris that could freeze, causing undo strain on the roof.
  • House roof checked.  The roof has been inspected for any damaged shingles or soft spots and, if needed, repaired by a professional, decreasing the likeliness of any leaks or ice dams this winter.
  • Air leaks sealed.  Any cracks or holes around doors and windows have been sealed using caulk or weatherstrip sealant. 
  • Home heating source serviced.  A certified professional has inspected the fireplace/furnace/woodstove to ensure that it is in operational condition for the colder season and all fuel is safely stored.

While you can’t predict the severity of the winter season, you can protect your home from preventable insurance claims.  At Preferred Mutual, we believe that preparation is vital to living assured.

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