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Learn more about why Anita enjoys working in Customer Service and how there are always new challenges to be met in her role.

Each day the team at Preferred Mutual strives to give our customers the ability to live confidently, to Live Assured. Their contributions are instrumental, their journey’s unique. Join us as we reveal these amazing stories. This week Anita Artis, Customer Relations Representative, shares her Preferred story with us.

Q: How did you become interested in Preferred Mutual and how long have you worked here?

A: I have been with Preferred Mutual for almost five years in Customer Service. Prior to joining Preferred Mutual, I was with an agency, but I wanted better benefits and more chances for advancement. Preferred checked that box for me!

Q: When did you first realize that you wanted to have a career in Customer Service? What do you like about Customer Service?

A: I am naturally a people-pleaser, and I have no issues talking all day (just ask my co-workers, wink wink!)! There is always something new to learn. We are encouraged to “think outside of the box” to get things done and there are always new challenges to be met. I like the fast pace of resolving problems and moving on to the next one.

Q: Why do you think Preferred Mutual is a great place to work?

A: Employees are treated really well and given a voice; ideas are heard and supported. You are encouraged to expand your knowledge and given tools to do so. Time with family is encouraged and you are given flex time for appointments. Management understands that if you treat your employees well they will go the extra mile to work for the company and want to stay. It has been a rare experience for me that employers have that philosophy.

Q: What surprised you when you first started working at Preferred?

A: It stood out to me how friendly everyone is here. At the end of the day my co-workers are so supportive and always willing to help.

Q: Do you volunteer or are you involved in any charity events?

A: I am currently the Chairperson of our local Pack 88 Cub Scouts in Sidney, and we almost always have a community service project going!

Q: Do you currently or have you previously had a mentor or someone that has influenced you in your career?

A: I would have to say my current manager in Customer Service. She is so encouraging of all of us, and understands we are all individuals with different experiences and strengths. She helps us use our strengths and gives you confidence that “we’ve got this.”

Q: What is a hobby or activity that you enjoy outside of work?

A: My family keeps me very busy. My husband and I have three beautiful and healthy children. We are always doing something with Cub Scouts and sports. I love to bake and do craft projects for my home or to give to others.  

Q: Do you have a favorite quote and/or influential person or leader that inspires you?

A: I was given a quote recently I really like, which stated: “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” I think that is great with all of the negativity going on in the world today.

Q: What might someone be surprised to know about you?

A: I used to be quiet and shy — I got over that!


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