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Did you know that Bill got his pilots license when he was younger? Ask him about his past trip from Phoenix to San Diego!
Each day the team at Preferred Mutual strives to give our customers the ability to live confidently, to Live Assured. Their contributions are instrumental, their journey’s unique. Join us as we reveal these amazing stories. This week William “Bill” Holliday, Government Affairs Manager, shares his Preferred Mutual story with us.

Q: You’re one of Preferred Mutual’s veteran employees, and have created such an interesting career path. Can you walk us through it?

A: I started working at Preferred Mutual in 1988 as the Auto Underwriting Manager. I was then promoted to Personal Lines Underwriting Manager and then to the Director of Residual Business. Over time the industry made changes and so did Preferred Mutual, and I transitioned to Manager of Marketing Agency Support Departments. At various points along my journey I also managed the Cafeteria, Office Support Services, Financial Services, Customer Service, and Compliance and Regulatory. I’ve had the opportunity to touch many aspects of the business which has helped with my current position as the Manager of Government Affairs. 

Q: Wow, next year will be your 30th Anniversary with Preferred Mutual! What do you love about working here? 

A: I find that Preferred Mutual wants to make this a great place to work, and puts the effort into ensuring it is. They know there are choices out there and they want our work experience to be personally satisfying so that employees continue to choose to work here. 

Q: What surprised you the most when you first started working at Preferred?

A: I previously worked for a company that had more than 50,000 employees and although I liked working there, it was easy to get lost. At Preferred Mutual, it feels more like family and you can talk to the President or anyone on the Leadership Team at any time on any subject if you want. 

Q: Do you volunteer or are you involved in any charity events? 

A: I am involved in a ministry with my church, which I enjoy very much. 

Q: Do you currently or have you previously had a mentor or someone that has influenced you in your career? 

A: I have many mentors. I was hired by Bob Wadsworth, Preferred Mutual’s Former President and CEO. I worked for Bob for many years and found him to be fair and I could always go to him on any subject. The same was true with Paul Stillman, another former Preferred Mutual President and CEO. They were excellent to work for. Over the years I worked with several great leaders and I have learned from each of them. They all had strengths that I didn’t possess and I learned from that. Our current President and CEO, Chris Taft, has also been an excellent mentor and has set the tone for his managers. 

Q: What do you like to do outside of work? 

A: I have many activities! I enjoy wood-working and also do most of my electrical, plumbing, carpentry and roofing at home or for friends. The old cliché applies to me — I’m a jack of many trades, but a master of none. I also enjoy running, walking with my wife, biking, skiing and boating. 

Q: What might someone be surprised to know about you? 

A: I got my pilots license when I was younger. In fact, I received my commercial pilots license but never used it commercially. I had many fun trips, and my wife, Colleen, joined me on many of them. One of my favorite stories is about the time I flew a Cessna 172 from Phoenix to San Diego, but it’s not ready for print! People will just have to ask!

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