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Each day the team at Preferred Mutual strives to give our customers the ability to live confidently, to Live Assured. This week we welcome Equipment Breakdown and Service Line Coverage to share their story with us!

How long have you been with Preferred Mutual?

I’m relatively new! I’ve heard that clients and agents alike are super excited I’ve arrived!

Ok, be candid. Why do I need you?

Whether you rent or are a homeowner, your living space is filled with devices, appliances and critical systems that keep you running. A broken sewer line can make your home uninhabitable! One power surge can destroy every electronic in your house! I offer a simple, comprehensive, and affordable solution that extends your homeowners policy to cover that broken sewer line, or a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, sump pump – you get the idea – that had an electrical or mechanical breakdown.

What’s the #1 question people often ask you?

They want to know what I cover. I often tell them if an object uses electric power, then I most likely cover it! In the case of service lines, I provide protection against leaks, breaks, tears, ruptures, or collapses.

Can you give us an example of a typical event that you cover*?

Of course! This time of year is great for storms, especially those with high winds. High winds often lead to power outages, and we all hate losing power during storms! The storm hits, and you have a laptop charging and a TV plugged in when the power suddenly goes out. Power was quickly restored (yay!), but when power was restored, a voltage spike damaged your laptop and TV beyond repair. I would cover the cost of replacing the laptop and TV! As a side note, there are certain electronics that aren’t conducive to carrying high currents. That means laptops, cell phones and tablets are all a bit more susceptible to power surges.

It’s not all power surges though! I’ll cover electrical, mechanical, or pressure system breakdowns.

Quick! If you had to pick three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Helpful, protector, and practical. I’m helpful to have in the event of an Equipment or Service Line Breakdown; I’m a protector – I’ll protect the equipment and systems that make your house a home; and practical – I’ll extend your homeowners policy to protect appliances and equipment, as well as critical systems like water, power, and sewer. I’m a practical solution to some potentially expensive events.

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

Unplug your electronic devices when they are not in use, if possible. Unplugging can prevent equipment damage, and it’ll cut down on your electric bill!

Thanks for giving us the highlights! Where can I go to learn more or see if this is right for me?

I hope it was helpful! Visit our microsite to learn more about Equipment Breakdown and Service Line coverages, or contact your agent to add these coverages to your Preferred Mutual Homeowners policy.

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