Stable, Rewarding and Limitless: Why You Should Consider a Career in the Insurance Industry!

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Stable, Rewarding and Limitless: Why You Should Consider a Career in the Insurance Industry!
Does career stability matter to you? It should. The American workplace is constantly changing and with that causes disruption in the way business is handled and managed, making many industries uneasy and unwilling to take risks on new talent; on you. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, the job numbers for insurance-related careers are expected to increase nearly 10% by 2024 – a rate that is much higher than the national average of all jobs. 

Finding a career where your only path is up and not out isn’t easy. Good growth prospects are hard to find. However, the insurance industry has largely been immune to these disruptions and economic shifts.

After 12 years in higher education, Alicia decided to expand her career search to include insurance. Read what she described to be “eye-opening.”

“I always thought my marketing and writing skills were really only relevant to marketing departments within my industry. It never occurred to me to expand my job search to include insurance-related careers until one day I came across my ideal job – and it wasn’t in higher education. It was in insurance!

I wish I had thought to look sooner into insurance-related positions because of how important the industry is to the economy and to our daily lives. There are a lot of moving parts to insurance; parts I never thought of before. From agents to underwriting, government regulations, data analytics and actuary, to marketing and communications, to community outreach! There is a job in insurance for any personality and experience, really. I would encourage any job-seekers or those who are employed but unsure about insurance to dive a bit deeper. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

I have found flexibility, a clear career path, stability, and the motivation to do what I love for a company who loves me for what I do.”

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