New NY Law Mandates Sale of Upgraded Smoke Detectors!

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All smoke detectors sold in New York State AFTER April 1, 2019, must be powered by a 10-year, sealed, non-removable battery, or hardwired to the home.


Beginning on April 1, 2019, a new law will require all businesses in New York State to sell smoke detectors that are either 10-year, sealed, have a non-removable battery, or hardwired within the home. 

The new law does not require homeowners to go out and purchase new smoke detectors.

It applies only to the sale of smoke alarms, meaning the existing devices already in homes will be allowed to remain there until they stop functioning.

With a sealed unit, this law hopes to ensure that detectors are working properly and to prevent the removal of batteries, decreasing the probability of potentially fatal fires. 

Are you preparing to sell your home or rent an apartment?

Real Estate professionals and landlords will no longer be able to market a home with the old detectors in place, either; they must be replaced before you can rent or sell the home or apartment in NYS.

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