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Back To Articles Don’t play the odds and gamble your life. Click it or ticket!
Don’t play the odds and gamble your life. Click it or ticket!

Preferred Mutual wants to wish travelers a safe and happy summer by reminding everyone of the importance of buckling up – every trip, every seat, every time!

The Click It or Ticket campaign is a nationwide police effort to mitigate casualties on the road by enforcing seatbelt laws.

Get the Facts

In 2017, there were 10,076 unbuckled passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes in the United States, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  And 57% of occupants ages 18 to 34 were unrestrained at the time of an accident.

Seat belts work and we’ve got proof! An even more astounding number is how many people seat belts saved in 2017: nearly 15,000 lives! However, seat belt safety starts with you. Your kids are watching. Children whose parents or caregivers buckle up are much more likely to buckle up themselves.

The safest choice you can make, no matter what type of vehicle you drive, is to buckle up.

What are the odds?

Often, drivers and their passengers don’t buckle up because they think they can beat the statistics.
  • Odds of dying from an asteroid impact? 1 in 74,814,414.
  • Odds of dying while skydiving? 1 in 133,000.
  • Odds of dying while scuba diving? 1 in 6,098.
  • Odds of dying from a car crash with no seat belt? 1 in 2.

Don’t play the odds and gamble your life. Click it or ticket!

For more information about the Click It or Ticket nationwide campaign, please visit the NHTSA website.

This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not legal advice and/or an authoritative guide.

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