Trailer Safety Tips – Secure Your Family Vacations Goes Off Without a Hitch

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Summer takes long enough to get here; don’t let a motor home accident or damages shorten an already short season.

Summer took long enough to get here; don’t let a motor home accident or damage shorten an already short season! Whether it is large or small, pulling a trailer requires you to take precautions.

Read on for tips on how to pull your trailer safely!

Like any new experience that involves risks to body and property, driving a motor home, RV, or towing a trailer is intimidating.  From attaching the trailer hitch correctly to focusing on the changes in driving style and habits, Preferred Mutual has compiled tips collected from our claims department for life-saving (or headache-saving) advice!

No matter what you’re driving or pulling, do a pre-trip check.

Before you hit the open road for that family camping trip, make sure you have checked to make sure the trailer is safely connected to your vehicle!  

We often see that a simple safety check is the difference between fun in the sun and waiting on the side of the road for help. 

  • Check the trailer is connected to the hitch. An improperly connected hitch could come loose and cause an accident.
  • Ensure your brake lights and turn signals are working properly. Other motorists need to see you and anticipate your changing lanes, turning, or stopping.
  • Stow all items safely inside the trailer. If you’re towing a camping trailer or your boat, objects could come loose while driving, creating hazardous conditions on the road. Do your part and make sure everything is secured to the best of your ability.

Get some practice pulling your trailer.

We require our teenagers to attend driving lessons to ensure they become capable drivers, so it only makes sense to test you and your vehicle’s reflexes while towing a trailer.

In many instances, a driver didn’t understand the adjustments they needed to make when towing a trailer.  Their turn radius changes, their ability to stop alters, reversing is brand new, and maneuvering on the highway becomes an issue for many.

  • Find an empty parking lot. Use a safe space like an empty parking lot to get a sense of what your vehicle feels like with the trailer in tow.This will help you to understand what you need to compensate for on the road.
  • Practice backing up and turning. When turning, your path needs to be wide enough to avoid making contact with vehicles in neighboring lanes or objects on the side of the road. When backing up, it can be a challenge getting the trailer to move in the desired direction.

Drive Safely.

With your trailer and family in tow, you’re ready to make life-long memories.  While you’re on the road, be sure to still keep an eye on your trailer and listen for strange noises. 

We have seen situations where a driver took all of the pre-trip precaution necessary, but didn’t pay much attention to the trailer once on the road.  It is still your responsibility as the operator of your vehicle to make sure your trailer is still intact and operating.

  • Exercise caution. Be diligent when parking, merging and changing lanes.
  • Take it easy when braking and accelerating. The extra weight you’re carrying can cause problems if you stop sharply or suddenly build speed.

Have the best coverage for the things you love.

Summer just got here; don’t ruin it already with insufficient coverage.  No matter where your vacation plans take you, with Preferred Mutual, when you live prepared, you can live assured.

Follow these tips and talk to your independent agent about adding a Motor Home endorsement to your existing auto policy!

We cover motor homes, 5th wheels, campers, or trailers with values up to $100,000! Our motor home and RV insurance even includes coverage for awnings, which is often a separate coverage with other insurance carriers.

Even utility trailers like boat trailers, cattle or livestock trailers, small landscaping trailers, and car trailers for private use can also be added!

When you add motor home insurance coverage to your RV, camper, or trailer, you will also benefit from a reduced rate, the convenience of one bill, and a multi-policy discount. 

*Preferred Mutual's Motor Home Insurance Endorsement is currently available in MA & NY only.

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