What Do You Mean My Cut-Rate Insurance Doesn’t Cover it?

Back To Articles What Do You Mean My Cut-Rate Insurance Doesn’t Cover it?
Get behind the wheel and take control! Find a Preferred Mutual independent agent today!

Getting a great price on car insurance is a bonus, but like many things in life, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Read on for a few pitfalls that are common to cut-rate insurance policies and their carriers.

Experts advise that when you’re comparing insurance policies, shopping by price alone is a huge mistake. Finding a policy that offers you the protection you need combined with great customer service is the best way to proceed with research.

Sure; 15 minutes of filling out an online quote sounds like it will save you money, but those cut-rate insurance carriers usually come with surprises that you might not be aware of until you are in need of making a claim. And believe us when we say those surprises are not the kind you want to be the last to know about. 

Insurance can be complicated! That’s why when you choose an independent agent representing Preferred Mutual, you’re choosing an expert, not an algorithm, to find you the perfect policy for you.

Lower coverage – The best way to lower your policy prices is to lower the coverage, but you could be on the hook for expenses outside of the basic required coverages in your state! Many cut-rate policies will only offer coverage limits that are mandated by the state the policy is being written in. This means that if you’re at fault in any accident, the policy limits the amount of damage they’ll pay for.  Your cut-rate insurance company won’t spell that out for you.

Our agents invest in understanding what matters to you, will walk you through your policy, and answer any questions about coverages so you’re not left in the dark. Preferred Mutual offers the best protection with a host of coverage options for you, your family and your wallet!

High deductibles – Cut-rate policies often have high deductibles that can be a great way to save money month to month, but if you get in an accident, that $1000 deductible on your policy can get pretty expensive quickly if you have more than one accident in a year.

When deciding on a policy with your Preferred Mutual insurance agent, they’ll talk to you about what you can afford versus the coverages you need. 

Poor customer service – A cheap policy is usually accompanied by slow response times, crowded helplines, limited available adjusters that take forever to look at the damage on your vehicle, and the repairs are cheaply done. All of these things will influence how quickly you get back on the road! 

Preferred Mutual thinks about insurance differently, and so do our agents. Your agent is your advocate! When researching insurance policies, think about who you want on your side if you are ever in need of filing a claim. Preferred Mutual and our independent agents work together to resolve your claim with superior, prompt customer service, allowing you to focus on the people and things that matter most to you.

Get behind the wheel and take control! Find a Preferred Mutual independent agent today who will build the best policy to meet your needs. Don’t get an insurance quote for people like you; get an insurance quote designed specifically for you and Live Assured.

This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not legal advice and/or an authoritative guide.

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