5 Tips for Moving on a Budget

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Here are five ways you can keep a tight rein on your moving budget.

Moving can be exciting, stressful – and expensive! Once you factor in the movers, packing materials, truck rentals, gas, and more, those costs can creep their way to uncomfortable heights. Don’t break the bank with these 5 moving tips!

Whether you recently closed on a home, or you’re ready for a new space, a single move could cost you thousands of dollars.

Here are five ways you can keep a tight rein on your moving budget:

Shop Around for a Moving Company

Moving companies typically charge a couple of hundred dollars for services, plus extra for things like gas, mileage and larger items like pianos and furniture. If you’re going to hire a professional move, get quotes from at least three different companies, and double-check the line-item charges.

Does your quote include truck, all protective materials, gas, mileage and larger items?

Does it provide insurance coverage in case of damage while moving those items?

Typically, movers are busiest during the warmer months – so if you’re planning a move soon, aim for the fall months! You may also get a better deal.

Pro Tip: Consider checking out social media and their online presence to research consumer reviews! Websites are not a guarantee of a perfect experience, but they can help you with your decision.

Consider Moving Yourself

Depending upon on how much you have to move and how heavy or cumbersome the items are, you may want to consider forgoing professional movers if you believe you, some family and friends can handle packing, loading and transporting your items!

Sometimes a few pizzas are all the currency you need!

If you have larger items, consider renting a small truck.

Pro Tip: Plan so that you’re not moving during rush hour. Heavy stop-and-go traffic can drive up your fuel costs, as well as delay your move.

Only Move What You Need

Consider donating, selling or disposing away any items you no longer use, need or plan to use in the future.

This not only reduces your load, and, subsequently, your costs to move it. Additionally, you can put the extra funds from the items you sell towards your moving costs!

  • Donate to The Salvation Army, Goodwill, or a local shelter.
  • Host a garage sale.
  • Sell items through social media.
  • Sell books and media to used bookstores, or donate to your local library.

Get Creative with Your Packing

Buying boxes, bubble wrap, and tape can get expensive. Using blankets, towels, sheets and cloth napkins can help protect fragile items during the packing process.

Once you run out of these items, try one of these resources for free or low-cost boxes:

  • Friends, family and neighbors.
  • Local grocery and liquor stores.
  • Big-box membership stores that sell bulk products.
  • Go online to research not-for-profit organizations or a marketplace that provides used cardboard boxes, to find affordable options that will work for your budget and at the same time may help a worthy cause.
  • Consider posting to your social media networks, or any neighborhood groups you might be a part of. There's a chance someone you know has recently moved and may be willing to give you their used boxes.

Pro tip: Start saving the plastic and paper bags from your shopping trips. These make good packing materials and can even be used to help protect fragile items.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Use your move as an opportunity to ensure all of your belongings, valuables and new property are protected. This Household Inventory Checklist can help you pack, as well as help us cover all of your belongings, in the event of an incident! Contact your insurance agent to learn more about how to improve your home insurance coverage and how Preferred Mutual can safeguard your new home and family!

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