The Pressure’s On: Pressure Cooker Safety Tips

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Preferred Mutual encourages you to use precaution, or you might find the pressure is too great.

They’re fast, versatile and easy, but don’t let the popularity of pressure cookers ruin your holiday with improper use! Preferred Mutual encourages you to use precaution, or you might find the pressure is too great.

Today’s pressure cookers are extremely safe, but with the holidays right around the corner, you might find yourself utilizing this miraculous machine to create delicious dishes for your socially-distanced holiday plans. Follow these 7 simple safety tips to ensure you succeed under pressure!

Don’t Leave Your Pressure Cooker Unsupervised

It is normal to want to set it and forget it, but when you’re dealing with the physics behind pressure cookers, it is not advisable to leave the house when you’re using it.

Pressure Cookers Are Not Deep Fryers

Unless your machine has both settings, pressure cooking, and deep-frying should not be simultaneously done – which means, no oils!

Use the Proper Liquid to Maintain Pressure

Follow the manufacturers' instructions on liquid necessary in the pressure cooker to maintain proper pressure.

Don’t Overfill It

Do not fill the pressure cooker up more than halfway with rice, pasta, oats, and beans, etc. or it may spit them back out under pressure as they expand. There are markings on the inside of the pot, so ensure you are not overfilling.

Keep Your Face and Hands Away from Steam

This is not the kind of steam you want on any part of your body. Always tilt the lid away from yourself when opening and wear waterproof, heatproof oven mitts when handling the lid.

Do Not Lift Lid Until Pressure is Down

Under no circumstances, even if you want to ensure the cooker is properly pressurized, should you try to force open the pressure cooker’s lid! This can cause the lid to explode from the pot and can cause major injuries and damages.

Safely Maintain Your Pressure Cooker

You may wash the lid, clean the anti-block shield, and the inner pot after every use. Make sure the gasket is in good shape and that no food residue or liquid is stuck inside the machine before every use.

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