From the customers who visit your premises to the products you sell, you face a lot of risks as a business owner. And while there is limited liability coverage provided in most business owner’s policies, you won’t want to wait until you’re faced with a lawsuit to determine if you have enough. While it’s best to discuss your business risks and corresponding coverage with your independent agent, here is a quick guide to help you understand general liability, professional liability, and why your business may need both.

General liability coverage is often included in most business owner’s policies. This coverage protects you and your business against property damage and personal injury claims. For instance, this insurance would protect you should a customer fall and get injured on your premises. However, there are limits to the liability coverage that is often included in a basic business owners program. Talk to your independent agent about adding an umbrella endorsement to your preexisting policy to ensure that you and your business are fully protected.

Professional liability coverage is needed by those businesses that provide professional services. This coverage protects you and your employees who render service that requires special certification or licensing. For instance, if a customer were to file a claim against your accounting business for an erroneous consultation, professional liability coverage would ensure that you are protected in the event of a lawsuit. Accounting firms, law firms, insurance agencies, and salons are just a few examples of businesses that should have this coverage.
If you or your employees provide professional services, talk to your independent agent about the coverage needed to insure against these unique risks.

Your business may need both general and professional liability coverage to ensure you, your products and services, and your employees are fully protected. While it may be tempting to opt for basic general liability, the extra coverage in today’s litigious society can ensure that the company you worked hard to build won’t be destroyed by one misguided customer.

Whether you built it from the ground-up, have kept it alive through generations of family ownership, or are just starting out, we know that your business keeps you busy and you’ve got enough to worry about. Talk to your independent agent today about general and professional liability insurance and how the extra coverage can help you live assured. And don’t forget to log-on to for more tips and information to help you work assured.

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