It’s a business owner’s worst fear: someone getting injured at your establishment. The moments after an accident at your business can be chaotic -- between providing first aid to the injured person and managing the surrounding crowd -- but it’s important to remain calm and have a plan. While all emergency plans should be tailored to your business, here are a few steps to keep you and your staff organized in the event of a slip and fall accident on your premises:

  • Secure the Area.
    Make sure the area around the fallen individual is clear, and that you or your staff address any conditions that may have caused the person to fall (i.e. wet floor, loose carpet, etc.).
  • Assess the Customer’s Physical State.
    If the customer is unresponsive or seriously hurt, call for medical help immediately. If the customer is responsive and not noticeably hurt, ask him or her if they would like medical assistance. People often experience a short adrenaline rush following an accident that can impair their ability to determine whether they are injured.
  • Complete an Incident Report.
    As soon as the physical needs of the fallen customer have been addressed, be sure to
    document the incident as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to forget little details that may be detrimental later on. Additionally, use this time to photograph the area where the customer fell. This is important should a legal situation arise later.
  • Talk to Witnesses.
    Ask witnesses for their name and phone number, and include this information with your incident report. Once again, should a legal situation arise from the incident, you’ll need the independent testimony of those who witnessed the event.


As a business owner, having a steady flow of customers in and out of your establishment is a
sign of success. However, increased traffic can mean you’re more likely to experience a slip and fall on your premises. Be prepared by reviewing the aforementioned steps with your staff often. And be sure that your business is prepared for a liability situation by ensuring that you have comprehensive insurance, like Preferred Mutual’s business owner’s policy. Contact your independent agent, or log-on to for more information.

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