Homeowners Winter Prep Checklist

Live Assured by getting your house ready for the cold winter weather during the fall months this year, and make sure both you and your home are protected.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall and Winter

Here are some helpful, efficient tips to make sure you and your home are protected and ready for the cold weather this winter:

»  Salt outdoor walkways and driveways after every thaw and freeze.
»  Remove snow early and often, rather than waiting for significant accumulation.
»  Remove snow from your roof by raking to avoid the formation of ice dams.
»  If using a wood stove, fireplace or space heater, maintain at least a 36-inch clearance from any materials or objects.
»  Before using a wood stove, place a layer of sand or firebrick in the bottom of the firebox. This makes for a more even and controlled distribution of flame, and also helps to radiate heat.
»  Never leave a space heater or fireplace unattended.
»  Check electric heaters for frayed cords or broken wires prior to use.
»  Use only heavy duty electrical lead cords with 3 prongs for space heaters.
»  Never run cords under rugs or carpeting.
»  Never use gasoline or liquid accelerant in fuel-powered devices or fireplaces.
»  Always turn off fuel-powered devices and allow them to cool before refueling.
»  Regularly clean fireplaces and make sure the damper is open whenever a fire is burning.
»  Have chimneys, air circulation passages and dryer vents routinely inspected for debris and animals.
»  Use a grate and always close the fireplace screen when in use and keep glass doors open.
»  Never burn garbage, rolled newspapers, mail, charcoal or plastic in a fireplace.
»  Clean ashes from fireplace and store in noncombustible container with tight fitting lid, outside and away from the house.
»  Test smoke alarms monthly and install a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

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