Licensed professional landscaper trimming hedges
Spring has finally sprung, and as you look around your yard at green patches peeking through old brush and leaves, you may be overcome with landscaping ideas. Visions of flower beds, fountains, and walkways flood your mind. But then you ask yourself: can I do this on my own or do I need to hire a professional?

While the benefits of landscaping go beyond aesthetic appeal, the process can actually prove risky in terms of liability and property damage. So before you start digging, consider the following reasons why you might want to hire a professional to make your lawn dreams come true.

Professional Insurance

One of the main reasons to opt for a professional when you’re taking on a major landscaping project is because of their professional insurance. While you may initially save money by completing a project yourself, a professional has coverage that will guarantee the efficiency and safety of the job through its completion and afterwards.

Property Damage

While the project may initially seem simple, you could find yourself in a complex situation if a simple dig turns into a broken water or gas line. A landscaping professional will have property damage coverage in his or her insurance policy that would pay for any mishaps that might happen along the way.

Potential Injury

Sure, it seemed like a great idea to enlist a few of your buddies to help you with your recent landscaping project. However, that feeling won’t last long if one of your friends is injured on your property and expects you to pay his medical bills. A professional landscaper should have worker’s compensation coverage in his or her insurance policy to cover any employee injuries that may occur on your premises. In fact, it’s best to ask for proof of this coverage before any landscaping projects begin to ensure you’re not at risk of a liability lawsuit.

Material Coverage

You may find yourself regretting the “DIY” approach the moment you have to pay for materials more than once. For instance, what if on the way home from the hardware store, the materials you just purchased for your landscaping project fell off the back of your truck and were destroyed? If you didn’t hire a professional, the cost for all those materials could come out of your pocket…again. 

Landscaping is, without a doubt, a great investment: it makes your property look nice and increases the value of your home. However, to ensure that it’s done correctly, opt for a professional who can provide a certificate of insurance and carries at least $100,000 in liability limits coverage. For more tips and information to help you live assured, log-on to

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