Man protecting his home against severe weather
Tips on how best to protect your home against potential risk, and the liabilities associated with risk, this Spring and Summer.
• Only use certified contractors with proper insurance coverage to conduct work at your home. 

• Keep dogs leashed or fenced in to prevent bites (especially around small, young kids).

• If you have a pool, test your pump hoses and filters regularly, and keep the pool clean to avoid slips. 

• If you have a pool, enforce safety rules that forbid diving, jumping and flipping. 

• Do not purchase or use a trampoline at your home – the American Academy of Pediatrics officially discourages the use of backyard and home trampolines as 'inherently dangerous'. 

• Keep your home playground safe by making sure it is well designed, age appropriate and children are properly supervised. 

• Never use an outdoor grill on an enclosed porch. 

• If grilling outdoors with a propane grill, check fuel lines to make sure they are connected properly and in good working condition. Remember to turn off the gas at the source after use. 

• If grilling with a charcoal grill, be careful of carbon monoxide poisoning and the use of lighter fluid, which can be extremely flammable. Make sure charcoal has had time to adequately burn off any lighter fluid that may have been used prior to cooking. 

• If vacationing, do not advertise that you will be away. Have someone collect the mail and newspaper in your absence, never leave a voice mail message saying that you are out of town, be very mindful of how you use social media while you are on vacation, leave a light on in the kitchen or use a timer, install outside motion lighting, and lock the windows and doors. 

• If vacationing, unplug unnecessary appliances and shut off water fixtures (like toilet valves and washing machines). 

• Routinely inspect your roof, especially after heavy rains and wind. If you notice any damages, submit a claim. If not addressed in a timely manner, water will likely cause severe damage to the inside of your home (mold growth is especially common).

• Make sure gutters are cleaned regularly.

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