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Thank you. And as usual you're awesome. And that comes from 40 years of management skills. I don't say that to everyone. Thanks again, and have a great day! Mark, C - Policyholder
Thank you and all the Service Staff for helping me and our mutual customer in getting all of our needs taken care of. You make a GREAT TEAM!!!!!!! Laura - Agent, NY
Just wanted to send you a quick "Thank You" for the fantastic claims service regarding our recent homeowners loss. We received a check within just a few days of filing the claim! Thanks again. Jim, M. - Policyholder
FYI, I’ll be referring a couple local friends to Preferred Mutual via Blackmers Insurance. Granted our claim wasn’t crazy and there were things we lost we couldn’t account for. But you guys were incredibly communicative, fast, and easy to deal with. Sean, Customer / Claimant
I am thrilled that you are empowered to do so much in Customer Service. I applauded PMIC for giving a high level of authority to the front line team, allowing them to service customers thoroughly. empowering-customer-service
I am emailing to tell you how wonderful Tammy has been to work with. She has been extremely professional and helpful and is one of the best insurance people that I have ever worked with. Greg G., policyholder
When Tammy got involved, it completely changed the way I view your organization and the way that claims are handled. Tammy is an asset to your team and please make sure that she is recognized appropriately. Greg G., policyholder
I will be telling ALL my friends and family to switch to Preferred in the future. Your service is beyond compare. Kevin - policyholder
Your Claims Representative was very understanding and very nice. She was pleasant and made a bad situation easier to deal with. Policyholder
The only positive thing to come of all this was the arrival of the insurance adjustor. I can't believe I actually can say that this experience was almost pleasant and not the nightmare I envisioned. Eleanor Z., claimant
Could not be more pleased with service! Claimant
All agents were very informative and responsive and satisfactorily took care of all arrangements that needed to be made. Thank you! Claimant
Excellent customer service! Thank you! Insured
I really appreciated Morgan’s attention to my incident and the extra mile she went to get me the best amount for my car. I love that car and kept her like my pets – love and hugs. Great mileage. Thanks to all of you who helped. Auto Claimant
I was exceedingly pleased with the way the case was handled and the outcome, thanks. Claimant
Wendy Sullivan was very understanding, and very nice. She was pleasant and made a bad situation easier to deal with. Claimant
As a Claims Manager in an Insurance Agency, I want Preferred Mutual to know how valuable they are to us. They are fair, knowledgeable, professional and have great, timely customer service! Agent- Chester, NJ
Very satisfied as to how my accident was handled. Would definitely recommend Preferred Mutual to a friend. Your customer service reps were knowledgeable and genuinely concerned. It made a very traumatic experience manageable. Thank you! Policyholder
Thank you for your prompt service Policyholder
Fast, easy, great! Policyholder
The representative came shortly after we called and was very informative and fair with our claim. He explained everything and was available if we had further questions. We are very pleased and satisfied with everything. Policyholder
I’ve had a wonderful claim experience with Preferred Mutual. Everyone I have dealt with has provided exceptional customer service. It’s making me think of switching insurance companies. Denise, claimant
I am extremely impressed with the speed in which Preferred Mutual processed my claim. I hope not to need your services too frequently in the future but it is reassuring to know that, in the event I do, there is a solid reliable company behind the policy. Rafe, policyholder
Before we hang-up, I'd just like to say that I recently had a claim with Preferred Mutual and I am very impressed; they settled my claim in 2 weeks. I work in insurance myself, so the 2 week turnaround time has me amazed. Karen, NY, policyholder
The customer service reps that I worked with couldn't have been more helpful. They quickly and painlessly walked me through the process, answered my questions thoroughly, were very timely, and were both exceedingly pleasant. Mark, policyholder
Prompt, fair and professional. Thank you! Policyholder
Everything was handled very promptly and fairly. Insurance Claimant
I was very pleased with the whole claims handling process... And thank you Preferred Mutual! Property Policyholder
We were very pleased with the whole claims process after submitting a claim for significant damage to our home from a recent storm. Homeowners Insurance Policyholder
"You have employees with exceptional human relations gifts - compassionate demeanors and excellent knowledge of insurance policy content." Agent
I had a very positive experience with Preferred Mutual. The examiner was very patient and explained the process very well. I feel very lucky to have the experience I did – I am very grateful! Thank you! Automotive Policyholder
Thanks for the great service! Policyholder
Good service – claim properly handled. Very satisfied. Auto Claim Policyholder
I am very pleased with Preferred Mutual Insurance. Everything was expedited fairly, quickly. Thank you for being there. Policyholder
Your representative was pleasant and very thorough. She took information, explained the process and called me with updates and information in the timeframe that she said she would. Floyd, policyholder
I hope not to need your services too frequently in the future but it is reassuring to know that, in the event I do, there is a solid reliable company behind the policy. Rafe, policyholder
I’m extremely impressed with the speed of service provided by Preferred Mutual in the processing of my claim. Rafe, policyholder
I received prompt and courteous treatment and it made a difficult situation much more bearable. Rebecca, policyholder
Not too many companies would do what you did! It's nice to know there's still compassion in the world. It's greatly appreciated! Rae, NY Agent
I received prompt and courteous treatment and it made a difficult situation much more bearable. Rebecca, Rowe, MA
Thank you for getting me through my first accident ever. Great service. Judy, Randolph, MA
The representative I was assigned was pleasant and very thorough. She took information, explained the process and called me with updates and information in the time frame that she said she would..... Floyd, Rochester, NY
It’s the best company I ever had. Thank you so much! Clarence, Pine Bush, NY
Your representative was very helpful and stayed in communication. Thank her for us. Ernest, Burlington, MA
Let me say that my two claim specialists have been fantastic. Prompt, courteous and understanding at every turn. They worked with me to establish a settlement quickly so I may seek a replacement vehicle….. Michael, Clinton, NY
Am I satisfied with the help from Preferred Mutual? – Absolutely! Ronald, Greenfield Central, NY
Very pleased with the service. Alba, Medford, MA
Everyone was great. Tammy was great arranging for a rental while my truck was repaired. Marcia, Delhi, NY
I have been very satisfied with Preferred Mutual! Nancy, Plymouth, MA
Thank you, you’ve been very helpful…and I love your company – they’ve been good to me, even when I’ve messed up! Earl Burch
Your customer service rep. helped with a claim problem pertaining to rental issues. Customer service rep. was absolutely wonderful, very helpful, knowledgeable, patient and made doing business with Preferred a pleasure. Wanda Glazier, Policyholder
Customer Service Rep. was excellent. Showed great concern, was very empathetic to the situation and, even referenced the # of years we had insurance with Preferred. This meant a lot to us. Jerry Vidlar & Evelyn Lodie, Policyholders
I just wanted to say that my experience with Preferred Mutual has been really incredible. I got into a car accident at the end of November, and not only was Preferred Mutual quick to reply to my claim, they were caring throughout the entire process. Kathleen, Policyholder
If the call is being recorded, I want Preferred to know I always have a wonderful experience with your Customer Service. Anonymous Caller
I just want to tell you what a great experience I had in a difficult time when I had some loss. Your whole company, from the Claims Rep to the Receptionist, was very helpful. Ken, Policyholder, MA
I had a great claims experience with Preferred. The Claims rep was very efficient and great about keeping both me and the policyholder in the loop as the claim progressed. Melissa, Agent, NY
I feel confident that my family can depend on your company to provide us with the identity theft protection we need. Jennifer, Policyholder
My parents, who lived in NJ, recently passed away.  They were Preferred Mutual policyholders for more than 30 years.  In that time, your company and employees took care of my parents through a few claims when they needed your support.  Michael, Washington D.C.
Thank you! Your team is excellent and I truly appreciate the ease of working with you! Kris St. Peter/agent partner
You are a great company and always very helpful and kind when I call. Susan, NY
Your rep was extremely helpful and patient. Tremblay, MA
I am glad I’m with you. It is very easy to get through and I can actually talk to a person. I also referred a friend to you. John, Taberg, NY
I am very satisfied with Preferred Mutual and recommend this company to my friends. Darren, NY
Your rep. treated me with respect and made me feel cared for, something that any customer seeks to feel. Toni, Policyholder
Not only did your rep. solve the problem, she also made our unhappy customer happy again in a matter of minutes. Lesley, Agent

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