Spring Cleaning – The Easy Way!

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Spring means a fresh start! But a fresh start is a lot harder when you’re not sure where to begin. Preferred Mutual did some research for you, and found some cleaning tricks you’ll wish you’d known all along!

With your family home for the foreseeable future, now, more than ever, it is safe to say that cleaning has gotten harder and harder to stay on top of.

Get the family involved.

If you’re looking for an app to motivate your children to pick up some chores, look no further than OurHome (download for iOS or Android)! The app lets you reward your family for doing their share of the housework.

Set a deadline for when you want each chore finished, and once they’ve completed their tasks, the app will award points that they can cash in for a reward! The rewards can be anything, like additional allowance, a new toy, or a movie of their choice for family movie night!

Set reminders, send messages and view their progress when you sync your devices with the OurHome app!

What Snupps?

Organize every item in your life, and make money while doing so, with Snupps (downloadable through iOS or Android). This app helps you keep track of what you own. Upload pictures of your stuff, create virtual shelves and organize items by category like shoes, watches and cameras.

Your home inventory will change often, so having your inventory stored in your app will allow you the opportunity to instantly find duplicates of things. You could even use it as your digital yard sale and share with the community! This will encourage you to declutter your house of unnecessary items, and shop other users’ listed items, too!

Remember, a home inventory is more than a list! In the event of a total loss, it can provide a way you for you to give reasonable evidence of your loss, as well as help get your insurance claim settled faster. You can add additional protection for your valuables by adding Valuable Possessions Coverage to your Homeowner’s, Mobile Homeowner’s, Condo’s or Renter’s policy! Speak to your insurance agent today about adding our Inland Marine endorsement to your policy, and Live Assured!

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