Identity Fraud Expense Coverage is an endorsement to your Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners, Condo Complete or Renter’s Coverage.   With this coverage, you will be reimbursed for expenses associated with identity fraud, including:
  • Costs for obtaining, reproducing, notarizing, or sending affidavits or other pertinent documents; 
  • Costs for telephone calls; 
  • Research fees;
  • Lost earnings;
  • Loan application fees for reapplying for a loan;
  • Attorney fees to defend lawsuits, remove criminal or civil judgments, or challenge information provided in a consumer credit report. 
Coverage also includes Identity Theft Resolution Services, providing you with a personal fraud specialist to help you navigate through the process.  The fraud specialist will work with you one-on-one to cut through the red tape, deal with law enforcement, government agencies, creditors and credit bureaus— so you can move on with your life. 

Proactive Services
To help you lock criminals out and avoid identity theft if a wallet or purse is lost or stolen, if your mailbox is burglarized, if you notice someone shoulder surfing while you are using an ATM or laptop, if you find out an organization has had a security breach, if you want to safeguard your children’s identity, if you want to protect the identity of a deceased spouse, when planning a local or cross-country move or when you are slated for active military duty abroad.
Resolution Services
To help completely resolve identity theft, you get unlimited assistance plus a year of active follow-up, fraud specialist-assisted credit file alerts, a comprehensive case file to aid law enforcement, assistance notifying creditors and completing Fraud Victim Affidavit and one year of free credit and fraud monitoring for identity theft victims. 
Document Recovery
When you’re traveling abroad or are a victim of a natural disaster or fire, you will receive help replacing lost, stolen or destroyed documents and identification.
Identity Theft Education
While no one is immune to identity theft, education and awareness are your best lines of defense.  You’ll receive access to information to help protect your identity and avoid theft.

Optional Coverage

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